April 30th 2017

Just a quit note that I am still around, but due to some family health issues, I have had to stop growing. I hope to start again later this year.


Grand Daddy Harvest – Day 95

So here is what I ended up with and once it dries I will post the weight. Now seeing that this is not for market, the buds are trimmed of all fan leaves and it is tightened up somewhat. Remember when looking at a but under a microscope you will see that the trichomes are loaded on the smaller leaves and if you trim them off to get a very tight bud, then you loose all that good TCH. If I was to trim it up tight, I would save the trimmings and distill it out for an oil or something else.

Up Close

Up Close

All Trimmed

All Trimmed

Oct. 18th Update

First you will see that I have selected a new look, which I hope will work better for this types of posts. I will continue to tweak it to make it work for me.

Looks like the Grand Daddy is going to give me even more problems. I now have found white fly’s on it. It is time that I harvest it before anything more happens with it. It is currently about 20% amber trichomes, not the best but it will do. I have tested it and found it to be quite good. Blue Dream I feel that it could go one more week.

Oct15 Grand Daddy

Oct15 Grand Daddy

Oct15a Blue Dream

Oct15a Blue Dream

Oct15 Blue Dream

Oct15 Blue Dream

What is a grow without a problem – Oct. 3rd

So something new for me, fungus. Turns out that by growing in a small greenhouse and using a humidifier, I created the perfect environment for fungi. This only on the Grand Daddy, which I feel is due to the density of the buds. So I have carefully gone over the bush and cut out any buds that were showing any signs of fungus. Sadly I had to cut the top bud off and trim out some bad sections. Thankfully I have about 10% of amber color of the trichomes, so all is not lost with the trimmed sections. The rest of the plant will be monitored daily for any signs of additional fungus growth and I hope that it will make it to the end. I have added a new fan along with removing the humidifier. The fans are running 24 hours in hopes of keeping the air moving around the buds.

Grand Daddy

Grand Daddy

Grand Daddy Rot

Grand Daddy Rot

Blue Dream

Blue Dream

Theory on the leaf burn

Perhaps some of you can guess why or know why my plant leaves burned, but I believe that it was the insecticidal soap that I used. Not really thinking about it, I just grabbed some liquid soap and put some in a spray bottle and went to town on spraying everything showing signs of bugs or not. I have been reading up on the making of insecticidal soap and one of the issues with a soap spray is leaf burn, and that is even possible using the correct soap.

Here is what I found that seems to be consistent with other sites on this topic.

Homemade Insecticidal Soap Recipe

The simplest insecticidal soap is nothing more than a 2% soap solution. To make this at home, you will need:

  • Sprayer: Any clean spray bottle or garden sprayer will work fine for spraying insecticidal soap. Make sure the sprayer or bottle hasn’t been used for herbicides.
  • Pure Soap: Use a pure liquid soap, such as Castile, or all-natural soap. The active ingredient in insecticidal soap comes from the fatty acids in animal fat or vegetable oil, so it’s important to use the real thing. Don’t use detergents (which aren’t actually soaps), dish soaps, or any products with degreasers, skin moisturizers, or synthetic chemicals. Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap is usually pretty easy to find in stores, or check your local natural-foods store for other options.
  • Pure Water: Tap water is fine for making insecticidal soap. If you have hard water, you may want to use bottled water to prevent soap scum from building up on your plants.

To make homemade 2% insecticidal soap, mix together:

  • 5 tablespoons soap to 1 gallon of water


  • 1 heavy tablespoon soap to 1 quart of water


  • 3.75 ml soap to 1 cup of water

Oops, don’t try this at home

Seeing that I have the humidifier working well with the fans during the hot times of the day, and it has been working great. I thought I would not only mist the AquaShield, but also mist the ProGrow, MagCal and Liquid Karma at 2ml each. The directions on the containers say that it can be used for foilar feeding, except for ProGrow. I am not sure if I misted the ProGrow, but needless to say I had terrible results. Once I saw the burn, I dumped the rest of the humidifier out and replace it with pure water and just AquaShield. I don’t see any permanent damage and now after a week or so I am seeing new growth.

cucumber burn

Cucumber Burn

grand daddy burn

Grand Daddy Purple Burn

blue dream burn

Blue Dream Burn

blue dream burn2

Closeup of Blue Dream Burn

The Greenhouse setup

As I mentioned in my previous posts, I am using my greenhouse this time to see how they grow. A couple of years back I received some plants from a friend and transplanted them and kept them in the greenhouse till they were too tall, at which point I moved them into the grow lab to finish the 12/12 cycle. These will be a start to finish in the greenhouse and I am interested as to how they will turn out.

The greenhouse is just a 6’x6′ square made up of 2×12 boards with a 1/2″pvc pipe frame covered with special greenhouse plastic. The soil is organic and has compost mixed into it as well. To keep track of the temperature I have a Dickson humidity/temperature chart graphing unit. Currently it charts 31 days, but I am thinking of reducing it to 7 days just to get a better idea of when the swings happen.

Dickson Temp/Humid

I noticed that when the temperature increased the humidity fell, so I picked up a humidifier for $5 at the Goodwill and have that on a timer with the fans. The fans are just a duel window fan that I got a Target for $21. Now I have noticed that with this setup even when the temps get up to 100d my humidity is now in the 50rh range where without the humidifier it was in the 30’s. The water in the humidifier is pure, but I have added 5ml/gal of each karma, mag-cal, and aquashield.

Fan and humidifier


One of the reasons I decided not to use the grow room this time is that it had become a closet and I had removed the lite and AC unit to make room for storage.

My feeding has been at almost every watering, which is about every day, seeing that it is summer. My initial feeding once the clones were established, was 5ml cal-meg, 5ml pro grow mixed with 1 gal of water from my reverse osmosis system. After a few weeks I bumped the ml’s up. So now here in August I am feeding them 5ml cal-mag, 15ml pro grow, and 15ml Liquid karma.


Aug 2nd Blue Dream


Aug 2, Granddaddy