As I have mentioned before I have encountered some discoloration in a few isolated older leaves on a couple of the test plants. Research has still left me slightly unclear as to the true cause for this. I though it may be a Magnesium problem due to some of the pictures that I have seen, but I don’t have any leaf curling. Then I thought Nitrogen, but I am not seeing any purplish colors and initial testing of the soil for nitrogen came out good. So I am leaning to ph issues or over watering. My question with the ph is at what ph levels would you start to see issues begin form in the plant? As in my previous post I am really not all that off. The plants that I am having the most leaf discoloration with are the Headband, Shaman and Cheese Haze. Lastly my issue may be with over watering or shock, which would have occurred when I transplanted.

If anyone has other ideas please let me know.

Headband 2 April 13

Headband 1 April 13

Cheese Haze April 13