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I have this really good book called “The Cannabis Grow Bible” 2nd edition. Filled with great picture and helpful information. On page 151 it discusses pH in the indoor growing environment, and states that “cannabis plants like a neutral pH of 7.” I reviewing my test data, I felt that I was under on my pH and needed to increase it to get up to 7. I know that I can use some around the house items to add to the water to increase the pH, but seeing that I need some other items I took a trip to my favorite store. Though you cannot mention the word “marijuana” at this store, one can easily tell that is what 99% of the people in there are purchasing for and asking questions about, in a round about manner. In my discussion with a couple of the co-workers I found that their tests have concluded that a pH of 6.5 and up can cause the problems that I am experiencing. They concluded that a level of 5.8 – 6.2 is ideal for soil and even lower if using a hydroponic system. So now I am even more confused, but in looking at some of my pH numbers, the plants that had the most leaf issues were the highest in pH readings. Upon my trip home I did some internet research and found that the lower pH levels seem to be where it should be at. I am surprised that my posting on grasscity of thinking that I had to raise my pH did not get a comment debunking it.