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This weeks feed, I tried something new to help cut down on the time spent watering, feeding and pH testing. This week I just did an initial pH test, ran a couple of gallons of lowered pH (5.2) through each test subject and then fed them. I did not test the pH after running water through them or after feeding them. This took off about 2 hours, taking me only 2 hours to water and feed 10 subjects. Here is the results of this weeks feeding. Feeding this week was 20cc/gal ProGrow, 10cc/gal AquaShield and 5cc/gal of MagCal.

Superstar 26″ tall pH 6.4

Shaman-2 38″ tall pH 6.8

HGD 31″ tall pH 6.4

Headband-2 31″ tall pH 6.8

Cheese Haze-1 23″ tall pH 6.6

Headband-2 30″ tall pH 6.8

White Widow-1 36″ tall pH 6.8

Shaman-2 39″ tall pH 6.8

White Widow-2 34″ tall pH 6.8

Cheese Haze-1 26″ tall pH 6.8

It will be interesting to compare this crop of test subjects to my next. I plan on working very hard from the start to keep the pH down in the 5.5 range. Currently all the plants are looking very healthy, I have noticed that some of the lower fan leaves on a couple of the plants are turning a slight yellow which I attribute to the decrease of N in the feedings.

Random Test Plant Image 06-09-2010