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This weekend I was truly under the gun to give each test plant a good soak and feeding. So all plants were soaked with 2 gallons of water and then feed. The feed mix was slightly different due to the onset of some yellowing leaves, which I felt were due to the lack of Nitrogen in the feed mix. So this week I added some ProGrow to the feeding mix, which consisted of 5cc/gal of MagCal, 10cc/gal Aqua, 25cc/gal Bloom and 10cc/gal ProGrow. I have also found that they are drying out most likely due t the 600 watt 2500K bulb and increase in summer temperatures. This had required me to water them every evening.

I have installed a small AC unit in the test lab and have it set to kick on when temperatures reach mid 80’s. I am also running the light only at night so that during the hot times of the day the light is off and the lab does not get much hotter then mid 70’s.

Here are the latest figures:
Cheese Haze pH6.8 27″ tall

CA HDG pH 6.6 32″ tall

Head Band 2 Ph? 31″ tall

Cheese Haze 1 pH 6.8 24″ tall

Headband 1 pH 6.8 33″ tall

White Widow 2 pH 6.6 37″ tall

White Widow 1 pH 6.8 39″ tall

Shaman 2 pH 6.6 40″ tall

Superstar pH 6.8 28″ tall

Shaman 1 pH 6.6 41″ tall

In order to keep the plants about the same height I have placed bricks inside the lab in order to raise the plants to be about the same height. I also picked up some watering saucers to hold the sand to prevent the gnats from gaining access to the soil via the drain holes. I still have some gnats, but not anywhere near what I did had prior to the sand.