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So this weekend I did another quick flush and feed and I also switched my food slightly and am now going with 5cc/gal MagCal, 10cc/gal and 1/4 tsp/gal FoxFarm Cha Ching. Due to the high level of phosphorus  in Cha Ching, I have eliminated the ProBloom and it is noted that  ProBloom is not to be used in the last few weeks of flowering.  Cha Ching is reported to be quite substantial in bud production, so I will be watching my test subjects closely for adverse effects or healthy bud production.

Headband 2 6.1pH 31″
Shaman 2 6.7pH 41″
Shaman 1 6.6pH 42″
White Widow 1 6.4pH 40″
Headband 1 6.2pH 34″
CA HDG 6.6pH 34″
Cheese Haze 1 6.4pH 24″
Cheese Haze 2 6.4pH 28″
Superstar 6.4pH 28″
White Widow 2 6.2pH 37″

Another thing I wanted to note is that my gnats are still present and look to me that either they are burrowing into the sand and laying eggs in the sand or working their way through the sand into the bottom of the pots. If I can find some of this gognat for a good price I think I will get it and just use it around the bottom of the pots and in the sand. What I think is happening is that the sand in the pots is drying out quickly and the gnats are not liking that, but the sand the pots are sitting in is damp and could be the reason for the gnats. I think that next weekend I will take out the sand and dry it all out under heat and hope that it kills off any larva living in the sand.