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I have been reading up on the use of molasses to enhance bud size and to “sweeten” them up as well. They say to use black strap molasses, but I just used some organic that I had. Because I used the molasses and it has a high percentage of magnesium I did not use MagCal this time. My ingredients this week for my feed were 1-1/2 tablespoon of molasses per gallon (which I think was too much upon further research), 1/4 tsp/gallon of ChiChing and 5cc/gallon of AquaClear. So far the rest of this week I have have been water with 1/4 tsp/gallon of ChiChing (which I have been doing almost every day since I got ChiChing) except that this week I have used molasses every other watering at 1 tsp/gallon along with the 1/4tsp/gallon of ChiChing. The water is filtered and is about 5.2 on the pH scale. I also think that it should be mentioned that all plants are in 9″ pots except for the two noted, which are in 10″ pots.

Headband 2 31″ 6.2pH
Cheese Haze 1 24″ 6.4pH
White Widow 1 40″ ?pH
Shaman 2 42″ ?pH
Cheese Haze 2 29″  6.0pH
Headband 1 35″ 6.5pH
Superstar 28″ 6.1pH (10″ pot)
CA HDG 34″ 6.3pH (10″ pot)
White Widow 2 38″ 6.4pH
Shaman 1 43″ 6.2pH

Update image July 7

Close up July 4