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In the past I kind of made a tincture by placing a few buds in a jar of vodka. I never really thought that there was a better way till I researched it and found that I was all wrong. So I took some Shaman and froze it along with a canning jar filled with Everclear 151 proof. Once the bud was well frozen (30hrs in a deep freeze) I blended it in a coffee grinder till it was super fine. I did try and grind some more bud later after it had thawed slightly and found that I could not get it ground as fine as the first grind. I then placed the fines in the jar of very cold Everclear, which when back into the deep freezer. I have been shaking it a couple times a day and plan to keep this up for the next couple of weeks. After which I will filter it. So check back in a few week and I will have an update as to how it turns out. I am also planning on making some honey/oil and will post how that goes.

So I have now made a couple of batches of the tincture using 151 Everclear. Turns out that 190 proof Everclear is no longer available in Nevada, but can be found in Oregon. I hope to get my hands on some of that one of these days. As for the honey/oil I have acquired a pressure cooker at a garage sale, some fittings and hose at HomeDepot.  I am planning on using a skillet filled with water to heat the mixture from washed buds and leaves using 99 proof rubbing alcohol in the pressure cooker with. Once I make a batch of it I will post the results and any positive or negative encounters during the procedure.

As to the tincture, it has a nice light green hue and a distinctive cannabis flavor. The 151 does make it a bit sharp if placed directly into your mouth. I use about a dropper in the evening to help me sleep when my pain is not that bad. I have no haziness or other head issues come morning. I have also used about a dropper full when making a vodka martini and found it to add just a slight hint of the cannabis flavoring to the drink, making for a wonderful martini.