So today I took a couple of bags of trimmings that I have been storing in my deep freezer since harvest and rinsed them with 99.9% alcohol that was also stored in the freezer. I put the trimmings and alcohol in a bowl and lightly mixed it for about a minute at which point I poured out the alcohol through a strainer that was positioned above a colander that had a large coffee filter in it. This colander with filter drained into a large bowl. Sorry I don’t have any pictures, for I was doing this on my own. After the mix had filtered into the big bowl I put this greenish mix into a canning jar for boiling down on a day when I have some free time. It was at this point that I notice the brownish slug in the bottom of the filter. My initial guess is that this is a hash type byproduct of the filtration process. So I carefully cleaned the filter with a very small amount of alcohol into a Pyrex pie dish. Using my electric skillet with about a quarter of an inch of water in it, I placed the pie dish in and began to slowly boil off the alcohol. Once all the alcohol was boiled off I used a razor blade to scrape the dish and ended up with a sizable amount of a hash like product. Next will be to boil off the filtered alcohol product and see what that gets me.

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