Slightly off topic, but seeing that this documentary is about the growing of medical grade marijuana it kinda fits with the purpose of this blog. This show is an instant watch on Netflix and goes through a single grow season following 3 out of doors growers. The size of these plants was quite amazing along with the buds they produced, however having to live in the woods wondering if you will be busted or if your crop will be stolen by thieves was a bit too much for me to even consider attempting. I do have plans as to how to become more commercial and run a grow business, but like most I lack the funding to implement it.

What I really do not want to see is marijuana produced by large corporations, creating a product like Coors beer, eliminating the small independents . I would like to see regulation continue to be in place that allows the small independents to create high quality bud without the fear or pressure to create a less inferior product just to break even. If you have further thoughts or want to discuss something further you can contact me discreetly at jt420grow@lavabit.com. My response my be delayed do to not checking that account on a daily basis.