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Crazy as it sounds, I am at day 94 from seed. Down to one test subject I am treating her the best that I can. She is currently at about 3’2″ and I don’t think that she will get much taller. The stigmas as you can see are quite extensive on each of the buds, which in this image are about 3/4″. This image was taken several days ago and they are slightly larger now. I have also switched food to include the Black Jack Molasses at 1 tsp per gallon and have substituted the Open Sesame with the Cha Ching at  1/4 Teaspoon per gallon. I am still adding 20cc of the ProBloom,  5cc of  MagCal and about 7cc of  AquaShield. The pH was set at 4.7. Having a gallon of this mix I watered when I turned on the light and 12 hours later when I turned it off using 500-750ml of the mix each time depending on the dampness of the soil. I have found that even if the soil is quite damp prior to turning on the light the plant will be slightly wilted by morning, so I water it no matter what and that seems to be working out fine.

July 16

As a side note, my electric bill decreased about $60 when I switched to the 400w bulb and stopped using the 6-tube light.