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At Day 138 from placing a seed into a pellet, I cut her down. I did not want to, seeing that my trichomes were not as amber as I would like,  but she was beginning to show signs of  what I believe is “Specious Staminate Flowers” , which look like little yellow flowers also described as looking like a banana.  After searching the web on this topic here is what I found most of the sites to be in agreement on this one summing it up the best . “Occasionally, specious staminate flowers will appear in the last days of flowering of a female Marijuana plant. These do not drop pollen and their appearance is not considered evidence of deleterious hermaphrodites.”

So could have this been avoided? Or would this of happened under ideal circumstances. I admit that by not using a timer when I switched to the 12/12 cycle I had several days that were an hour or two longer or shorter. There is also the heat from the lamp, as I mentioned before I did have a few of the upper most leaves protruding from the cola receive heat scorch from the lamp. Though the plant seemed to thrive in the high 80’s low 90’s could that have been a factor as well? Another thought would be pushing the plan using super foods to get massive growth or the lack of a certain food in those final days of flushing.

Needless to say I got some massive growth this time around and once I finish drying I will weight it all out and report back as to how much this plant produced. Below is an image of the cola and as you can see it is almost the length of a typical desktop keyboard and about 3-1/2 in girth.

One Big Cola

This next image is the best I could get to show the small staminate flowers that began to show up in the last couple of days.

Specious Staminate Flowers

I did a quick dry of a small bud and gave it a try and found it quite pleasant and I am sure that once dried this will be very good.