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I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I was going to try something new an exciting in my next grow experiment. It is the use of compost tea, which for most of you growers you may be using or have seen at the some of the hydroponic stores for sale at $6/gallon. Here in the Oakland area 3rd Street Hydroponics makes, sells and teaches classes on how to make it. Having performed hours of internet research I decided on making both the brewer and the tea. So using some PVC pipes from Home Depot and an old 5 gallon Alhambra water jug, an 18 watt air pump and some 6″ air stones, I made a brewer using ideas gathered from the web.

Vortex ACT Brewer

Closeup in action

So the idea of this is to extract the yummy parts of compost and soil that plants like by running it through a brewer. The above images show it working prior to adding the compost/soil mixture. After a day or so the microbes inside the soil mix begin to become alive and with the help of some sugars increase in numbers. This mix is then used diluted to spray the leaves and used as food when watering. It is said that these microbes can do wonders for the plants health. So far I have used it for about 4 feedings and my test subject , the NYD, is doing great, very green and healthy.  I will continue to report as to how this is working out.