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So on January 12th at 6:30 pm I checked the color of the trichomes and found them to have turned a slight caramel color, the ideal color for knowing when to harvest. during the trimming of the larger leaves, my hands became extremely sticky to the point where after rubbing them I created a 1/4″ hash ball. To really clean my hands and still reap the rewards, I carefully wiped off my hands with high proof rubbing alcohol. This I will cook off later to produce a hash oil of sorts.  So the final specifications for this lab test are;

Final height 30″ including cola bud
Total days 101 (from 20″ clone)
Used a 2 gallon Smart Pot
Soil was Fox Farm Ocean Forrest

I will report back as to what the final weight numbers are.  So overall this experience was slightly disappointing seeing that the size was smaller then the previous grow of the identical plant. Now was this plant smaller due to it being a clone from a plant grown from seed? Or could it be due to my over feeding it, or could it be that the air temperature was around the low 60’s when the light was off? This is what I love/hate about growing and why I continue to experiment. So my next 2 subjects are about 7 to 9″ tall and are grown from seed. These are Jack The Ripper and Bubble Gum. I had another clone from the NYD, but it dried up and died during a freak hot spell that we had. I am ready to plant them in my Smart Pots filled with the FoxFarm Ocean Forrest soil. Then into the grow lab under a 400 watt high spectrum veg light. I will clone these at some point for perhaps another test.

NYD Harvest Day 101