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It is a sad day, I had to cut up Jack-the-Ripper and put him in the recycle bin. Yes Jack is a he and though doing very well, cannot be in the same room as Ms. Bubblegum. This means also the clone of Jack will be tossed as well. I wish that there was someone that I could give my males to, but for now they have to go back into the earth. I think from now on I will create 2 clones from each plant and perform a 12/12 test on them at a very early age to see if they are males. Waiting till they are 2′ and looking and smelling wonderful and finding them turning to a male under the 12/12 is very disheartening. Still I have the Bubblegum and a clone of BG along with #2, which I still don’t know what it is.

I also started the C02 using a 1 liter soda bottle some left over fish tank tubing and the yeast recipe described on my C02 page, I made a neat little generator. I did some calculations and found that I am producing about 150ml of C02 an hour or about 1/2 a cup. I think it could be greater due to using less then the required amount of sugar and expired yeast. I will test it again when I make a new batch.

As for feeding I have amped up the numbers and am at 5ml MagCal, 5ml AquaShield, 10ml ProBloom and 5ml Liquid Karma. This gave me a PPM of about 800 when mixed in one gallon of filtered water. My Bubblegum is about 2′ tall now and is looking good with a PH average of 6.