I made 10oz of glycerin tincture using about an 1/8 of NYC bud that I dried in the toaster for 15 minutes at 150 degrees. Then I ground it with my Bullet and placed it in my pressure cooker along with the glycerin. I also added a 1/3 cup of my green dragon (Everclear tincture) after which I pressured cooked at using the low setting for 5 minutes. I did this three times in the space of 2 days, letting the mix cool down between.  It seems to be ok, a little strong in the flavor, but only tasting one other glycerin tincture and only a small drop of it, I am not sure if what I made is really all that good. I gave a sample to an individual that I know and they said it was quite good and strong acting. I think I will try again but use the crock pot method.