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So I went to Target and purchased a cermic 2 quart crock pot for $12 and ordered some Glycerin Vegetable Kosher USP – 1 Quart Sold by Essential Depot, Inc. for $15. I then took about 7 oz of my NYD and ground it up and put it in the crock pot with 10 ounces of the glycerin. I did not toast it this time with the thinking that it will be at 150+ degrees for several hours. I plan on toasting the buds or leaves prior to making “green dragon” or an alcohol tincture. I then proceeded to cut and scrape out the insides of two vanilla beans and toss all of that into the pot. My plan was to let it cook on low, which I was hoping to be around 180 degrees, for about 8 hours. It turns out that it got up to almost 215 in about 3 hours so I put the pot on a timer that I could have it on for 30 min. then off for 15 min. By doing this I was able to maintain 160-190 for 12 hours. After I strained it through my gold coffee filter and gave it a taste. It of course is sweet and still a bit strong in my opinion. I did not really feel that there was much difference in the taste from the pressure cooker method except for the slight hint of vanilla. As for potency, I have not really done any real testing on that.