So back in January of 2012 I planted a seed called #2 and had a clone of Bubble Gum. These I have kept in 9″ pots in my grow lab with some Orchids under two small Home Depot full spectrum bulbs. About July I was thinking of quitting my growing tests all together and begin experimenting with Orchids, but I had these two left that I would feel bad throwing away after keeping them alive for so long.

So I re-potted them in the smart pots and continued to leave them under the small lights till just a week or two before October at which time I then turned on the 400 watt veg light. Along with the light I began to feed them a better mix once a week. 5cc magcal, 5cc progrow, 10cc liquid karma, 5cc aqua shield along with a daily spray of a very light mix of aqua shield and liquid karma never exceeding 500ppm-800ppm.

Then about  a week before November I switched to the 600watt bloom light and switched to 5ccMagCal, 10cc Liquid Karma, 10cc ProBloom and 5cc aqua shield, keeping within the 800ppm or under. I water mid week with 1 tsp Open Sesame only. And will switch to 1 tsp cha ching mid week watering this week while keeping end of week watering to the current schedule and also introduce the Molasses.

My Bubble gum is about 4′ 6″ tall and has a base about an inch thick. #2 has the same thick base but is only about 4′ tall. Both are currently doing quite well. I will add some images very soon.