I have come to the end of yet another grow and if it was not for the mites, I feel this would have been one of my better ones. It could have been the strain, but overall the care and feeding was as easy as it gets. Near the end I was just guessing the amounts and double checking the ECC readings and so long as they were under 1000 I would just pour the mix in. Here is a picture of one of the plants prior to harvest. I did make one minor mistake and that was not performing one final check under the microscope prior to cutting several of the lower branches off one of the plants. After I did look at one of the buds that I cut off, I realized I could go at least another week to really see a majority of the trichomes change to a caramel color. So I did, and around the end of September I harvested everything.

Sept 9a 2013 (480x640)

After trimming, I then hung everything up to dry for several weeks.  Sorry for the slightly blurry image, but as you can see I did get some sizable buds.

Oct 10 2013 (480x640)


After drying and cutting the bud off, getting them ready for canning, my final weight came in at 237 grams or 8.36 ounces. I will ask again for the strain of this plant and post it, but my initial review is that it is a smooth inhale, slow to peak (20-30min) and has up to 2 hours mellow feel to it. I will continue to test it and update my report.