As I mentioned in my previous posts, I am using my greenhouse this time to see how they grow. A couple of years back I received some plants from a friend and transplanted them and kept them in the greenhouse till they were too tall, at which point I moved them into the grow lab to finish the 12/12 cycle. These will be a start to finish in the greenhouse and I am interested as to how they will turn out.

The greenhouse is just a 6’x6′ square made up of 2×12 boards with a 1/2″pvc pipe frame covered with special greenhouse plastic. The soil is organic and has compost mixed into it as well. To keep track of the temperature I have a Dickson humidity/temperature chart graphing unit. Currently it charts 31 days, but I am thinking of reducing it to 7 days just to get a better idea of when the swings happen.

Dickson Temp/Humid

I noticed that when the temperature increased the humidity fell, so I picked up a humidifier for $5 at the Goodwill and have that on a timer with the fans. The fans are just a duel window fan that I got a Target for $21. Now I have noticed that with this setup even when the temps get up to 100d my humidity is now in the 50rh range where without the humidifier it was in the 30’s. The water in the humidifier is pure, but I have added 5ml/gal of each karma, mag-cal, and aquashield.

Fan and humidifier