Seeing that I have the humidifier working well with the fans during the hot times of the day, and it has been working great. I thought I would not only mist the AquaShield, but also mist the ProGrow, MagCal and Liquid Karma at 2ml each. The directions on the containers say that it can be used for foilar feeding, except for ProGrow. I am not sure if I misted the ProGrow, but needless to say I had terrible results. Once I saw the burn, I dumped the rest of the humidifier out and replace it with pure water and just AquaShield. I don’t see any permanent damage and now after a week or so I am seeing new growth.

cucumber burn

Cucumber Burn

grand daddy burn

Grand Daddy Purple Burn

blue dream burn

Blue Dream Burn

blue dream burn2

Closeup of Blue Dream Burn