My Take on Legalizing Marijuana

Living in the Oakland area but working all around the Bay Area, I find that Oakland seems to be the hub of sorts for anything associated with marijuana. There are other cities that have clubs, but I find in areas other then Oakland, public opinion and discussion is kept to a minimum and if anything, dealings with these public entities is done with as little public knowledge as possible. I am not a full time grower and over did it on my first go around leaving me with quite a bit of medication. This I have not tried to sell off to clubs, but would like to. I would like to grow another batch using the knowledge that I gained on my initial try, but currently the issue would be that I would then end up with even more, which could pose a problem legally and be a personal safety issue for my family.

So with all the talk about making marijuana legal I have found that I am on the fence with this issue. One part of me would like to see it legal knowing that it really is not much more of a drug then drinking, which you can become addicted to, whereas marijuana you do not. Now having grown up here in the bay area, I have been subject to or in some way involved with most all the well known illegal drugs on and off from my last years of middle school to years after college. My guess it comes to about 25 years that I had some association with them. I do not claim to be any kind of expert, but my first hand knowledge and observations over all these years gives me some credibility on this topic. Here again I would like to point out that I am only discussing what I have seen in the area that I grew up. I know that other locations throughout the US and world are nothing like what I experienced.

What I have observed during my youth and now see with my kids is that under age drinking is more of a social act done on weekends and at parties or small social gatherings. Sure there are those who drink during class and after school, but those I believe are the minority. Alcohol is found everywhere and is easily obtainable at home, purchased by fake ID or someone willing to buy. Now marijuana is much more difficult to acquire then that of alcohol. It is my belief that if marijuana was made as readily available as alcohol then underage pot smoking would flourish and even more so. My reasoning on that is underage drinking is more a Friday or Saturday night party favor where as I’ve notice underage pot smoking at the parties, but also before school, at lunch time or after school. Smoking pot during the day is what worries me the most. Having grown up with and seeing where some of these mid week pot smoking kids are now, it is my belief is that if these kids had not gotten high at school, they would have performed better in high school and gone on to high learning, leading to better jobs.

So for right now I am going to say that I would like to continue to see marijuana available only to those who use it for medical reasons.



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